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Posted by Jim H on January 27, 2008

I do a lot of surfing, in my sare time, looking for stuff to write about, commenting on some of my favorite blogs and just reading other blogs for fun. I have “blogrolled” some of the blogs I read regularly in the column on the left. I will be addin gto it in the future.

If you’re a rookie, then the ScienceBlogsā„¢ is a good place to start. This weekend I have been going through the list published on A Blog Around the Clock for the winners of the 2007

The Lab Fridge

Category: In the Lab
Posted on: May 10, 2007 10:00 AM, by RPM

Nothing captures life in the academic sciences quite like Piled Higher and Deeper. In yesterday’s comic, Jorge Cham shows us the disgusting innards of the lab/office fridge. Now, Jorge is a physicist engineer, so his fridge is the one where you’re supposed to store your food and drinks. When a biologist thinks of a lab fridge, he pictures something quite different. With that in mind, here’s my rendition of “The Lab Fridge”:


Aside from the empty bottles that some lazy, inconsiderate lab mate (most likely me) failed to refill, what’s missing from the fridge?

Here’s the whole list, for your reading pleasure:

The Poem:

Digital Cuttlefish

Much Ado About…The Brain?

The Comic:


The Lab Fridge


10000 Birds

In Memory of Martha

Star Stryder

You are the Center of the Universe (and so am I, and so is Gursplex on Alpha Eck)

The Panda’s Thumb

Stuck on you, biological Velcro and the evolution of adaptive immunity and Behe vs Sea Squirts, fused into a single article.

Bad Astronomy

Happy New Year Arbitrary Orbital Marker!


Would you give your baby someone else’s breast milk?

Anterior Commissure

Why we bond – Individual recognition, evolution, and brain size

Retrospectacle: A Neuroscience Blog

How Much LSD Does It Take to Kill an Elephant


Visiting the Wenas mammoth and Looking for drowned mammoths fused into a single essay.


Science And Democracy III

The Questionable Authority

Adam, Eve, and why they never got married


Measure twice, average once

Bootstrap Analysis

Shrew party

Cocktail Party Physics

Genie in a Bottle

Evolving Thoughts


Coffee Talk

What is the meaning of (grad student) life?

A Blog Around The Clock

The Scientific Paper: past, present and probable future


Your Folks, My Folks in Prehistory

Creek Running North

Breathing in, breathing out

Thoughts from Kansas

Neither means, motive nor opportunity: a guide to dysteleology

Deanne Taylor’s blog

Faculty diversity in science

Deep-Sea News

Our Ocean Future: The Glass Half Empty and Our Ocean Future: The Glass Half Full fused into a single article.


SMILES and Aromaticity: Broken?

Duas Quartunciae

The Evolution of Wings

Effect Measure

Tamiflu resistance: digging beneath the headlines

The End Of The Pier Show

No Girrafes On Unicycles Beyond This Point

The Loom

Build Me A Tapeworm

The Pump Handle

Popcorn Lung Coming to Your Kitchen? The FDA Doesn’t Want to Know

Denialism blog

The Road to Sildenafil – A history of artifical erections

The Other 95%

Anemones Raise a Tentacle in Support of Evolution

Highly Allochthonous

Testability in Earth Science

Invasive Species Weblog

Square Pegs


Homo sapiens: What We Think About Who We Are (Redux)

Life of a Lab Rat

Riding with the King (also found here)

Living the Scientific Life

Schemochromes: The Physics of Structural Plumage Colors

The Primate Diaries

The Sacrifice of Admetus


The First Fossil Hunters: Paleontology in Greek and Roman Times

All of My Faults Are Stress Related

The Sound of Mylonites


In the eyes of the Aye-ayes

Mind the Gap

In which I leap into the Void, In which I lift my finger from the ‘pause’ button, In which I contemplate the road taken, not taken, then re-taken and In which I rejoice in muscle memory fused into a single essay.

Omni Brain

How moving your eyes in a specific way can help you solve a problem

Minor Revisions



Sloppy Thinking about Homeopathy from The Guardian


An illustrated history of trepanation

Notes from Ukraine

The Chernobyl liquidators: incredible men with incredible stories (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3) and Musings about the liquidators fused into a single article.


Segmentation genes evolved undesigned

Pondering Pikaia

Moving Mountains

Quintessence of Dust

They selected teosinte…and got corn. Excellent!

Adventures in Ethics and Science

Getting ethics to catch on with scientists

Schneier on Security



Shor, I’ll Do It

Stranger Fruit

Pithecophobes of the World, Unite! Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV all four fused into a single article.

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