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Lonza Expanding Facility in Walkersville

Posted by Jim H on July 2, 2008

I refuse to make commentary on all the banter about the Army “refusing” to another study of the Biodefense facility at Ft Detrick. I simply state again that this is a good thing for both Frederick County and the Universe, in general.

More good news, this time form the Maryland Daily Record:

“Swiss company assists Osiris

Lonza Group AG, the world’s largest maker of drug ingredients, agreed to supply Columbia-based Osiris Therapeutics Inc. with the active ingredient for its experimental Prochymal medicine. Lonza will also expand a factory in Walkersville to be able to provide customers with tens of billions of cells each day, the Basel, Switzerland-based company said in a statement. Osiris, a biotechnology company that uses adult stem cell therapy to treat damaged tissue, is developing Prochymal to treat a life-threatening immune condition that can strike when immune cells from transplanted tissue, such as bone marrow, attack organs.”

If you haven’t been out there in a while, you’ll see this work going on behind the facility. If you ask anyone working on site, they’ll also tell you this expansion is necessary to relieve parking issues at the plant a mush as to make room for more facilities.

I just wish they made the title “Walkersville Company to assist Osiris”

Here is a link to the Press Release from Lonza’s web site

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