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Regenerative Medicine Updates

Posted by Jim H on July 9, 2008

There has been a lot going on in my Lab the past few days, and only some of it involving golf. I am trying to get my ducks in a row so I can afford to take the week off to go to SciFoo camp in a couple weeks. I am also trying to keep myself abreast of everything going on in the DIYbio and Regenerative Medicine fields so that I might be able to contribute something useful at the un-conference.

Here are a couple of links for anyone out there that might be interested:

Attila at PIMM is a great place to start. I found PIMM about the time I incorporated my own business because I was looking for people doing something similar to what I am working on. Doing my research into the competition.  So I was quite surprised to find he had a whole post on Making Stem Cells at Home from term amniotic tissue membrane

I am looking forward to meeting my fellow SciFoo Camper in a couple weeks.  I hope to have updates on a “top secret” collaboration we are conducting and may update on this blog when we have results.

On PIMM today, there’s a link over to a Blog Carnival, called Hourglass, dedicated to biogerentology.  I was also inspired by another recent post on PIMM showing video of Aubrey de Grey’s talk at the AGING conference at UCLA.  de Grey is getting a bit of hype and also now some funding by treating Aging as a disease state.  Something that is treatable and potentially reversible.  He is also going to be a SciFoo Camper and I can’t wait to talk with him.  I am a bit worried, thought, becasue on of the basic principles he preaches is a Restricted Calorie diet, and this philosophy runs contradictory to the whole BioBeers movement.  This is one struggle I am going to have to come to grips with.

So all this thought lately of Regenerative Medicine and it all seems to be happening in California, on the Left Coast?  I have to ask why?  Is it becasue they are just so far ahead of the rest of the Universe when it comes to Regenerative Medicine in practice?  I don’t think so.

So I’d like to start a movement to make Frederick County MD the heart of the Regenerative Medicine Movement.  Insane, you say.  Let’s look at the facts.

1.  Ft Detrick is the chosen location of the newly established Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine.  So why wouldn’t this group also be interested in preventing aging?  As the the saying goes, “Old Soldiers Never Die…”  Just think about how many problems it would solve if a fighting soldier’s “fitness for duty” could be extended for another 6, 8 or 20 years by slowing the aging process?  Slap a new arm or finger on, back out to the lines. Obviously, some one at the Pentagon had this inspiration long before me.

This on top of a large mass of RegMed and Stem Cell research going on at NCI-Frederick

2.  Lonza:  makers of one of the first clinically approved stem cell therapies under the brand or Osiris and Prochymal.  Right here in Frederick, at least the Stem cell and RegMed side of the house.

3.  Invitrogen:  One of the largest life sciences companies on the planet, is establishing a new Regenerative Medicine group after hiring Dr Mahendra Rao to work in Frederick and then augments their Cell therapy unit with the acquisition of CellzDirect.

4.  Other vital, smaller companies doing ground breaking stem cell research like Gahaga (shameless self-promotion, I know), LifeLine, Vaccinogen and Neuronascent.

Ok.  Time will tell how successful we are at this.  So in the mean time, I am trying to get BioBeers III set up for some time in the last week in July, preferably on a Wednesday night this time.  I have called my friends at Flying Dog and hope we can get in there again.

I’ve also been thinking about organizing a Golf Tournament.  I could probably fill 3-4 foursomes with the people I know, but would like to know if anyone reading out there would also be interested.  Heck, we could combine golf & BioBeer and save some time?

One Response to “Regenerative Medicine Updates”

  1. Mr. Gunn said

    Every one of those proposals, Frederick county, beers, aging, and golf sounds like a winner to me! Let me know when you’ve settled on a date.

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