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Next BioBeers Thursday June 12th at ImQuest

Posted by Jim H on June 3, 2014

It’s going to be a busy summer of BioBeers – June BioBeers is celebrating ImQuest’s 10 Year Anniversary.  The event begins with a host of locImageal FredCo Political officials and regional biotech celebrities and then BioBeers will commence at about 4:30 PM, as usual.  The event promises active networking, free beer and munchies and even live music!

I will not be able to attend since I am working in Canada for an extend ed period of time (I hope).  I’ll be setting things up the next event in July, too.  

But lets focus on get this event next week at ImQuest.  The address is 7340 Executive Way, Suite R, Frederick, MD 21704 and the time is from 4:30 until about 7 PM.

I hope y’all can attend!

One Response to “Next BioBeers Thursday June 12th at ImQuest”

  1. James Cody said

    Jim, I am not able to attend the next BioBeers but am interested in talking to you, since we have some mutual connections. Can you tell me the best way to contact you? Thank you for your consideration.
    – James

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